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Introduction to the Ghanacard.

The ghanacard is the property of the Government of Ghana and the National Identification Authority is responsible for managing its issuance and utilization in Ghana.

The ghanacard is a national identity card issued by the NIA, which bears personal information about the individual whose identity can be verified at all times.

It is a national initiative by the Government of Ghana aimed at providing the public with added convenience and ease when conducting transactions with government and public sector institutions, civil society organisations and private sector businesses.

The ghanacard is Secure

The ghanacard utilizes two types of biometric technology for identification purposes. These are the fingerprints (which is unique to each individual) in the form of digitized templates and facial dimension in the form of digitized colour photo of the card holder. Both the fingerprints and photographs are captured during mass registration together with other personal details and stored in the national database or register.

The National Identification Authority is deploying (cutting edge technology that incorporates) several layers of security features to make the card difficult to forge and protect the personal information stored on the card. These features allow only authorized persons to read the information on it.

The ghanacard is your National Identification Card

The ghanacard contains basic information identification information including a photograph of the card holder, along with name, address, date of birth and a personal identification number (PIN) that has been randomly generated and assigned to the holder. A 2-dimentional barcode at the back of the card also holds biometric information: the holder’s fingerprints in digitized templates as well as the holder’s signature, which are unique to the individual.


During any transaction in which the individual’s identity needs to be checked, the fingerprint or signature could be accurately verified using an appropriate card reader supplied by the National Identification Authority.

Benefits of the ghanacard

The ghanacard enables the cardholder to obtain various services with ease and convenience and establishes the individual’s identity against a third party. The issuance of the ghanacard coupled with the automated verification and identification technology being implemented by Government is to enhance the delivery of essential services to the public. It will cut down identity verification processes and the inconveniences they create. Although the ghanacard is not a travel document, Ghanaians will be able to travel the globe with ease with the introduction of the National ID card. For, in case of difficulties, the Ghana Missions will provide support.

The ghanacard will enable the government to securely and reliably, identify all citizens and other nationals who legally and permanently reside in the country in order to provide them with services, ensure public safety, protect their rights, etc.

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